Friday, December 19, 2014

christmas party & program.

Hadley has had such a fun week at school.
Wednesday was her Christmas party. She was BEYOND excited that her daddy came up for lunch/pizza party. So much so, he said he had a hard time getting her to go back to class. Daddy's girl, for sure.
Friday was her Christmas program. This was the first time Hadley has been in a "performance on a stage" - as she says. It. Was. Adorable. I don't think I could've smiled bigger. 
Nana was at work. Papa had the flu. Geemaw came though and she, Rush, Brock, and I were hadley's fan club! She was ecstatic to see us all!
{preschool's just don't have the best lighting! hah}
hadley's class
I loved her little 'performance' too much- I warned Brock, that now I am going to be signing her up for anything where I can go watch her! I love it!
Here are hadley's songs :) enjoy!
(the quality is terrible because blogger made me make the file smaller :( )

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