Friday, January 23, 2015


3 mamas. 3 days. one city.
Rona, Danielle, and I decided to do a quick get-away to NYC because of the cheap fares we found. We managed to pack everything into 3 days. 2 shows. The Daily Show. Shopping. Food.
did this pic for my hadders- she loved it.
 view from our room
 nyc cabs
 massive anthro. massive sale. heaven
Thanks for a fun trip ladies! Can't wait for more!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

3 years.

My baby, is 3. 
She didn't seem so big to me, until we had Beckam. 
Then it hit me - She's so big!
height:    38.8in     85%
weight:     33lbs    73%
She's hard headed and opinionated. Lovable and Feisty. Strong willed and incredibly sweet. 
She's just perfect.
Our hadders is full of life. She is a chatter box- singing, talking, playing, funny, box of energy. 
Except for when she is at school- or in big groups where Mom isn't there. She suddenly becomes the best behaved, quietest, well mannered little child. It's the strangest thing. Her teachers comment on how quiet and polite she is. Not to say she isn't polite at home, she just is definitely not quiet! She comes by it naturally.
She loves to exercise, eat, cook, ride her bike, drive her car, sing, play with knox, love on her brother, swim, baths in her 'boat', color, read books, watch movies, etc
She plays by herself very well- and 'talks' to her friends from school, or cousins all the time. This was a time when she told me she was a 'mom' and was pushing around her baby in her stroller- don't know what mom she is seeing because i don't go around pushing the stroller in a dress and heels!
She loves going to church. 
and is super excited that she is now a SUNBEAM!
She loves clothes. Obsessed is a more accurate term. She's always changing her clothes or digging in my closet.
She loves her vegetables and all fruits except cantaloupe. She will eat any meat as long as you have 'sauce'. Her favorite restaurant is still Rosas. That girl can down it!
She's decided, most days, she won't nap- but mama still insists on 'quiet time' in her playroom or room. She sleeps every night with her mountain of animals and blankets- and will know if you've taken one. 
She's completely potty trained (except for at night- we haven't even attempted this yet)
She's smart, beautiful, kind, and full of energy. Her love of life makes me smile
For her birthday she got lots of goodies.
Happy Birthday to our favorite 3 year old.
'Love you the mostest'