Thursday, January 1, 2015

3 months.

Oh stinkin' cuteness.
We've been busy this month with the holidays- and this little guy made it that much sweeter.
He is such an easy smile, and I love it so.
 He gets so excited when he smiles it's like his face can't contain the whole thing!
He's also starting to find his little voice. It's quite adorable.
He's going 10-430/5 and then a binki and snuggles in bed until it's time to get up. I keep waiting for the day he doesn't wake up so early!
Which leaves us tired...and can sometimes fall asleep in random places- even at church
Naps are hit or miss. Some days he naps like a champ in his own bed.
 Other days, he will nap partially, then will need me to go calm him down and put him back to sleep- even if it's just a hand hold. 
Then, there's the days where its a full on snuggle fest- and I don't mind those one bit. 
Just like the smiles, the frowns are just as animated.
{one day, these are going to get him whatever he wants with me...}
He's great at tummy time- and can roll from his tummy to his back. The first time he did it- it scared him!
we get some crazy bed-head
 Love him.
slow down beckam!!

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  1. Love that just holding your hand calms him down! So sweet. He's adorable.