Saturday, February 28, 2015


We actually got a few days of legit snow this year- such pure powder, we couldn't even build a snow man. 
It was really pretty
Being sick didn't slow us down for enjoying it for a little bit!
 I couldn't deprive my snow dog of what he does best- and in his element. So we went for a short run the next morning- he was in heaven. 
beckam just slept through the fun

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day!
We made some valentines for hadley's school- and my donut lover was pretty pleased. 
had cousin Rush over to do some valentine painting
 I was in charge of the sandwiches for hadley's school valentine's party. She went around to everyone saying,, "my mommy made the sandwiches! They are hearts! MY mommy made them!" And then, "everyone! This is baby Beckam! Do you see him? This is my baby brother. He's so cute. He's mine." :) love her. 
 On Valentine's day, we enjoyed some homemade cinnamon rolls with pink cream cheese frosting and heart & lips sprinkles- outside on the patio- she was a big was brock ;)
Happy Valentine's day!

Monday, February 2, 2015

just us three.

During the day, I love capturing moments of hads & beck.
and...considering I'm the one home with them, sometimes I sneak into a few of the shots.
Here's some from lately:
there are many more videos I could share, they are just a pain to post. 
{we showed up one day to the dr all in matching blue and white stripes.... slightly embarrassing. didn't notice until the nurse pointed it out}