Sunday, February 1, 2015

4 months.

 Beckam Bear.
height:     26in     90%
weight:   15.6lbs    59%
head:    16.3     45%
This guy- what can I say- we are all obsessed.
The first thing we say when people ask us about Beckam is that he is SO smiley. The guy is a cheese ball. 
He's giving us little laughs now- and lots of cute noises
{these are mainly smiling videos- too lazy to crop and post the talking ones}
He sits pretty well in his bumbo and jumperoo.
He HATES tummy time for any longer than a couple minutes; he much prefers you hold him to stand.
He loves his sister- and always smiles when she is around. One example that brought me to some mama tears was when he had is 4 month well check- and received his shots.
He of course was screaming his head off. hadley INSISTED on holding him, saying, "mama! he NEEDS me. Please!" She 'shooooshed' him, told him over and over it was ok, sister had him- Then started singing. He calmed down, and it was adorable.
He takes 3 naps a day and his favorite spot is cuddled up in my bed. 
The guy got a little spoiled and I have yet to break the habit. 
 He calms down by just holding my hand. If I'm laying next to him, he will always nuzzle his little head into mine.
He started the month rough- he came down with RSV, which resulted in a double ear infection and bronchiolitis. He was super sick- it was really sad. The drs were watching him very closely to monitor his oxygen levels to make sure we didn't need to be admitted to the hospital. Luckily, lots of cuddles and prayers and he's all better!
sweet sister felt bad for him and was always (and still is) trying to help
He used to be a decent night time sleeper...930-4/5ish- something has changed in the last week. He goes down about 9:30 and has been waking up around 1, 3, 4, 5 etc needing to be cuddled, or a binki, or something! Let's just say...sleep training 101 is about to take place!
The phase of slobber has hit us- and especially the thumb sucking! I'm trying hard to push the binki...
This guy loves his daddy
but, it's already pretty obvious- he's his mama's boy
we sure love him... despite our current exhaustion!

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