Thursday, March 5, 2015


Brock is having to travel a ton to Orlando these days- so we've decided that once a month, we will just go with him :)
We don't get to see him, or hang out except for at night (obviously, he's there fore work)- but it's still nice for us to have a change of scenery when we are daddy-free!
We had a flight at 7:30am, so brock could be there for work that day. Got both kids up and at the gate on time....just to have the flight cancelled. We then waited in the 3.5hr line to wait another 1hr for them to get us a ticket to New Orleans. Where we then had a layover for HOURS before we got on a southwest flight to orlando- where we finally ended up at 11:30PM!! To say we were exhausted was an understatement. 
 Luckily both littles were GREAT travelers. 
 what are the chances we would run in to cousin becky in new orleans?!
 Once in florida, hads, beckam, and I would swim, eat, and do crafts while dad was at work.
On one of the days there (our anniversary)- brock actually made it home before the sun went down. It made hadley's day.
 Until next month, florida!

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