Thursday, March 19, 2015

haircut #2.

hadley had her second haircut today.
{yes...she's grows in the back, but the front is a little slower. But! It's coming and we were able to get some cute bangs this time to help in the look during growth!}
We were going to make it a big girly day when nana was off for spring break...but hads got sick. Then we scheduled it for when aunt ashley was in town...hads was still sick and just wasn't up for an all day event. So, once she was better she requested her 'girls day' and said it was ok for beckam to tag along :)
We went to Miss Ginger in Dallas. 
{our normal hair stylist has since retired after having twins, baby number 5 & 6. Silly aunt michelle ;) }
 Hads was super excited about the whole thing-- until we got there. Then she went shy on me. But as soon as we left she was giddy about her haircut and wanted to show and tell everyone. We had to make several FaceTime calls.
 Then it was off to lunch at Chipotle!
love my girl.

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