Friday, March 27, 2015

rs birthday.

I got to work on the fun committee for the Relief Society Birthday Party again this year. This is by far my favorite calling in the church. 
Here's the invitation I made:
 We were short on time planning, so I threw out the Alice and Wonderland theme- Finding Joy in your Journey- that I used a few years ago- when I was also short on time. Thought that maybe this time I could pull from what I did a few years ago to save time, and be able to elaborate on it and make it awesome.
You know I'm involved if I insist on flowers- and lots of them.
It turned out amazing. I had amazing people working on it with me and all in all it was beautiful. Pictures, especially on my iPhone, never turn out as great as the real thing!
The men also came this year which I thought was awesome. Brock actually liked coming and being able to see all the hard work we put into things like this instead of just hearing about it from me. It was a full dinner- which was served by the youth according to what you ordered on your menu cards. It was delicious. The ladies in charge of the food did an excellent job
It was a great night, great people, wonderful messages- and a HUGE success as far as turnout. We had over 130 people there!
{feel free to email me if you have any questions about the message taught, or details}

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