Monday, March 16, 2015

wedding shopping weekend.

My sis scheduled a quick weekend trip down - jam-packed with bridal appointments. We were determined to find her a dress, shoes, boat dinner dress, and shoes- in a weekend.
Unfortunately my whole house has apparently been attacked with every virus in the last 3 weeks- and can't seem to get well, so ash wasn't able to stay with us this time. She stayed at mom's. I was just thrilled that I finally started to feel better- just in time!
Here was her fashion panel judges:
 Don't want to post any pics of all the dresses- just because I don't want to give anything away, but- we did manage to find a dress that looked good on all three of us- so we bought the size run :)
 The shoes... that we are both wanting... Valentino Rockstuds and Louboutin glitter Iriza. So pretty. 
 Hads liked the pink peep toe louboutins. We have a bit to learn ;) #saynotopeeptoe #andplatforms
 hads only got to come for a little bit one of the days- because she just wasn't feeling quite right yet.
 The next day, brock had to go to work so the whole gang went. Luckily they were both feeling better. We were quite the bunch. 
I'd consider the weekend a success-
We found EVERYTHING!!!!
Happy wedding weekend shopping

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