Thursday, April 30, 2015

circle ten council.

Brock and I had the honor of being invited to attend the Boy Scouts of America- Circle Ten Council- event at the Omni hotel.
Governor Greg Abbott was one of the speakers.
 any reason to go on a date night and actually get dressed up- I'm there!
{selfie I took for my sis to show I was wearing the jumpsuit that she, my mom, and I all bought hah}
 Fun date night :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

girly slumber party weekend.

another fun visit with aunt ashley!
we even convienced mom to spend the night at my house one of the nights so we could have a girly slumber party!
 worked on our costumes for bay to breakers
{ did ;) }
 caught hads playing bride in the hallway
{been watching aunt ashley try on bridal stuff lately}
 of course shopping
 and cookies bigger than our faces
 what slumber party is complete without dress up?
 mom has been dedicated to her gym workouts lately- so we said we would tag along and do her workout with her.
coloring with nana.
 made ourselves sick eating all of this, yes, all, after dinner the last night.
 beckam's a big aunt ashley fan- just like the rest of us
see you in a few weeks when hads, mom, and I come down for another girly weekend and bay to breakers!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

florida. 2.

We took our monthly trip to florida for brock's work!
Due to the horrible flight cancellation issues we dealt with last time - we chose a different airline and it was worth the extra $ {when traveling with small kiddos}
 We got in on a sunday, which was nice because it allowed a day for daddy to actually hang out with us

The weather wasn't great- really gloomy and rainy most days- but we managed to make the best of it and have a fun little get-away while daddy worked.

beckam LOVED the sand.

 I forgot my pool bag - and the basket that hangs under the stroller- and I don't like to ever go back to the room unless we are finished for the day or need a nap- so we had quite the haul on the stroller every time we went out
"and den the monstur came up outta the pool and it was scary. *head nods* but flounder and ariel got away. ya *pursed lips*" I could listen to her stories all day.

childhood is the best.
ready. set. jump!

 {she jumped off the side probably 100x's in a row}

I have some good little travelers- hope this sticks.