Wednesday, April 1, 2015

6 months.

It's beckam's half birthday!
CRAZY, right?!

height:   27.5in   85%
weight:   17.7lbs   55%
head:   17in   46%

This month was a fun one, then a bad one for baby beckam.

On the fun side: He got to go on his first trip/plane ride! 
He was AWESOME!! 
 Experienced a pool for the first time... 
 and was NOT a fan.
 Then the sad part of the month. Beckam caught the junk going around our house and it hit him hard. Poor guy was throwing up every bottle.
 and required LOTS of cuddles
{which led to lots of showers for me due to being thrown up on..}
and extra napping
It lasted about a week {before he then had another ear infection} and what was crazy was, he still gave us tons of smiles- to the point the dr didn't believe he was really sick.
He rolled over for the first time (back to front)...still hates tummy time. So he has only done it twice since. If you put him on his tummy, he will flip to his back immediately.
 He's starting to get some balance
and it's official {at least I'm claiming it} 
Beckam's first word is "mama"
His little focused mouth/face is my favorite
 still naps like a champ in my bed- and now goes to bed about 715p and wakes up about 730a (so he's dropped that last bottle). It is rare that we have to go in there now during the night.
 New found obsession with his feet, and anything he can put in his mouth.
 The constant slobber and need to chew has to be a sign there are some teeth in our near future!
 Now that he can sit up in the bath- he LOVES it. Especially when sister takes one with him. 
 His smile is contagious.
He loves to be outside. Fussy? Take him outside. Also loves to sit on the trampoline with me while hadley jumps and bounces us.
 the cuteness is ridiculous.
Happy half birthday cute boy!

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