Thursday, April 23, 2015

florida. 2.

We took our monthly trip to florida for brock's work!
Due to the horrible flight cancellation issues we dealt with last time - we chose a different airline and it was worth the extra $ {when traveling with small kiddos}
 We got in on a sunday, which was nice because it allowed a day for daddy to actually hang out with us

The weather wasn't great- really gloomy and rainy most days- but we managed to make the best of it and have a fun little get-away while daddy worked.

beckam LOVED the sand.

 I forgot my pool bag - and the basket that hangs under the stroller- and I don't like to ever go back to the room unless we are finished for the day or need a nap- so we had quite the haul on the stroller every time we went out
"and den the monstur came up outta the pool and it was scary. *head nods* but flounder and ariel got away. ya *pursed lips*" I could listen to her stories all day.

childhood is the best.
ready. set. jump!

 {she jumped off the side probably 100x's in a row}

I have some good little travelers- hope this sticks.

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