Friday, April 3, 2015

yard work.

We moved in last year in October, so we were past prime planting season. All we really got to do was plant a few evergreens. So, this spring- I've been at it!
I love to garden and I finally have a  yard to do it. Not quite the budget to do it, but- when planting perennials- Ill just plant some each year, and in a few years- it will be AMAZING! I love nothing more than a beautiful yard, with beautiful flowers!
My little gardener had quite the opinion when we went flower shopping. I think I bought one of every cheap annual (so she could pick them) and then the rest of my flowers ended up majority being red. I don't like red. It's one of my least favorite colors; however, it's my hadley's favorite. SO... I will learn to love red flowers :)
 We made more trips than I care to admit to IKEA. 
{sectional cushions & pots}
and have spent every pretty day outside enjoying and working in our backyard.
We didn't do our raised beds this year because the spot we had planned to do them- now we realize, doesn't get enough sun. So we are going to watch the sun this year and have them all ready to go next year! Instead, we planted some mint, basil, and cilantro in pots around the yard. Those are my most used herbs. Hads is pretty excited about it.
Brock came home from a work trip and immediately got to work on my newest project. Our old dining room table, that has been just sitting outside, I wanted to turn into a coffee table for in front of the outdoor couch. He did it! Now I just have to sand it down, fill in cracks, and refinish it...I'm thinking of just painting it black.
Love my handy husband
Now, I think it's time to heat the pool so we can start swimming!!
bring on summer....

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