Monday, May 25, 2015

cap tex tri.

Brock has wanted to do an olympic trip for awhile now. 
Due to weather and life, he didn't train like he was really hoping to, but was still excited to finally try the olympic tri distance- and more specifically- an open water swim.
As we were driving down to Austin for the big event- we got a call that the swim portion would be cancelled due to 'unsafe conditions' aka debris in the water from all the flooding/rain. 
{not the first time we were pissed at the rain for ruining something this season}
Brock almost turned around and went home he was so upset- but he didn't. He did the race and was happy he did. He did really well too.
{I got a bit of a workout hauling the two goobs around at every chance I could do catch him during the race!}
hads told me "next year I want to bring my bike and race and WIN!"
seeing hadley so excited to cheer on her daddy made me smile. She is so excited to do her own race some time..
great job babe

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