Monday, May 18, 2015

flora, fauna and merryweather.

This year for bay to breakers- hadley got to come with me!
flora, fauna, and merryweather made quite the impression on bay to breakers. 
 Hadley had been looking forward to this "girlie trip" for FOREVER. So, in true kid fashion...morning of our flight- she spikes a fever.
I took her into the car clinic down the street and they said she was fine and there was nothing they could give her...I knew better, but left. She kept complaining that her throat was burning and hurt.
Pumped full of tylenol and motrin we took off for SF
We got in late so didn't start our fun until the next day. 
Hads loves Bisou- and this trip actually called her by her name instead of "monkey" :) 
As always, there was lots of food...
Packet pick up:
By this point in the trip (above) I knew hads was feeling awful. She was falling asleep any chance she could- car, stroller, my lap- which is NOT like her. She was crying anytime she ate etc- so I called her dr's after hours number and got her some strep medicine. I've had it too many times- I knew, even before seeing how nasty her throat looked (with my phone flashlight) that she had it. So 3 days later..once home, she was better. But..the next day, the day she had been looking forward to most- she felt awful. 
{hence her not really looking her happy self in the pics from that day- didn't help that it was FREEZING}
When we got home she took a 4.5 hour nap!! 
Here's just some more pictures from the trip:
 then home again, home again

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