Sunday, June 14, 2015


My handsome man turned 40 this year- which meant- it was time to have a party to celebrate him!
a sweet friend of ours made this:
{sorry I can't upload a higher quality- my blog would take forever to do it!}
I decided for a Fiesta theme and invited friends/family old and new. We had around 50-60 people there- including some friends and family that flew in from out of town to surprise Brock. 
 just so we are clear- I now have blackmail on anyone who rode the mechanical bull, trust me, not all the pictures are this nice ;)
 His loving older brother smoothed his face in the cake- not me! I just didn't object :)
{thanks britta for the adorable cake!}
and shout out to cute Abby for babysitting all the littles 
(our friends kids who were staying with us for the weekend, and mine)
Happy birthday babe
Best years ahead.
Thank you to all who came, and helped, pull this off!
{I will never throw a surprise party for my husband again unless it is not at my house... too much stress and last minute stuff!} {and thank you to those who took pictures and sent them to me- I didn't take but 2 the entire time!}

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