Monday, June 1, 2015

8 months.

hello handsome.
a little bit about mr beckam this month:
no teeth, but must put everything in his mouth.
he loves the trampoline. if he is fussy- we head outside.
 he's a pro at his walker and can get around anywhere in it now...and into anything
 he's still the smiliest & happiest babe around. he's a huge flirt with strangers. he will just stare at them then gradually let a smile/smirk form when they really acknowledge him.
 he now shops out of his carseat. this was the first time he was in his stroller like a "big boy" and his face was so adorable. He couldn't get enough of everything- just looked around so inquisitively. 
 has tried a sip {with water}- uses it more as a teething toy
(big sis problems- pink sippy)
He has only had vegetables until this month- so the first time he had apple sauce he didn't know what to think of it! so sweet/tart compared to all the veggies!
{he's now a big fan}
it made us laugh- he wanted it...but the face :)
 finally started rocking up on his knees- then progressed to trying to get on his feet. He can backwards crawl and somewhat army crawl around
 can hold his bottle by himself- i like to lay right next to him and he just grins at me- which makes a milk mess, but it's too cute
 is a pretty amazing scheduled baby- but every now and then will sneak a car nap in when I'm running around 
 or pass out early on me :) {very, very rare}
he has said "mama" and "dada" a few times but not as much as I try and get him to!
 he's just too scrumptious for words. 

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