Tuesday, July 28, 2015

summer dance camp.

I signed hadley up for a 4 week, once per week, dance class. 
She was pretty darn excited- and pretty darn cute. 
had to of course try out our dance outfit as soon as we bought it

she is signed up in the fall for dance/tap combo at the studio my sister and I both went to. 

Friday, July 24, 2015


I took Hadley to her first musical - Shrek.
It was at the Denton Campus Theatre.
We were invited by her 2nd cousin- who was in the play. She did a fantastic job!
Hads tried to have her picture taken with every. single. cast. member.. but I somehow distracted her after a few :)
('Princess Fiona' told her to make her ogre smile face hah)
I wasn't sure how Hads would do during the play...but she was OBSESSED. She didn't move the entire time unless it was to sit on her feet so she could see better. She would sit up and clap so loud after every song and at the end she immediately said- MOM! I want to go see another play. PLLLLEEEASSSE!
She doesn't have to ask me twice! I love musicals and love that I now have a forever date to them :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This journey started when hadley was 6 weeks old. I went in for my 6wks post baby check up. It was then that my doctor found a giant lump in my breast. She got a panicked look on her face and said "I want you to go down to Baylor and get this checked as soon as you can"

Telling that to anyone, especially a new mom with crazy hormones: not a pleasant feeling.
I immediately called Baylor and set up the next appointment I could. Brock and I told no one except for my Mom, Dad & sister. We spent the next few days praying and me crying (more than normal post baby hah)

I went in for the sono/ultrasound (they try not to do mammograms on anyone of child-bearing years apparently) and the doctor said that due to some characteristics it possessed, it would be best do to a core biopsy- but that he thought it was benign. A little bit of relief- but still had my stomach in knots.
{I remember sending this picture to Brock as I went up to the Baylor breast imaging office in Dallas. I was so nervous. My sweet friend Val went with me to almost all of these appointments}
We ended up telling one other family member, Andy. We did this so that he and Brock could give me a blessing. 

I went in for the core biopsy (ouch) and the next 3 days felt like an eternity! They had told me I wouldn't know until probably Monday, but I got a call right around 5pm on Friday. The nurse said "I know how I would be feeling, and I thought we would get it in today so I waited so I could call you. The results came back negative!"
Major sigh of relief. So grateful for sweet spirits like this nurse in a time when I was not thinking like myself and in need of thoughtfulness like this.
{sono/ultrasound pictures of it}
Here is what I wrote on my instagram when we found out:
"Been an incredibly stressful few weeks waiting for today, but when an awesome day it's been! The last few weeks, I've gotten to rock an awesome cap gown a few times, have my boob-poked, smushed, mashed, etc but Baylor has ruled that the lump my doctor found is benign! yay! So thankful for my awesome husband and the priesthood these past few weeks."

After speaking with the Doctor at Baylor, he still said that due to the results/info they had on my tumor, they still wanted to monitor it every 6 months until I decided to have it removed. There was the possibility that it could change. I have been going to Baylor roughly every 6 months and checking on it. 

Fast forward 3 years. 

I went in a few weeks ago for my routine tumor-check. When the nurse went to grab the doctor, I knew something was different. He informed me that my tumor had grown significantly since the last check-up. He said that this was one of the things they monitor with this type and due to the rapid growth, it needed to be removed. 
{last sono/ultrasound they did at Baylor- I would always send a picture to Brock before I would go in saying "positive thoughts please!"}
I called the oncologist, who saw me a few days later. He was amazing. He said basically, that a core biopsy just samples the tumor. He said to picture a ball filled with jelly beans. 90% could be good jelly beans (pink in my opinion), 10% bad (definitely black!). A core biopsy could just grab the pink jelly beans and totally miss the black ones. Or, bad ones could have formed. Rare, but it could happen. He then said, "now I have to say this- there is a chance it is this (some long name) tumor. It is rare, but, there's no way to tell until we get it out and test it"
So, he scheduled the surgery a week from when I had my first visit with him.

Day of surgery, I was nervous, but excited to get it out and not deal with it anymore. I absolutely loved my Dr. He made the whole thing so easy and almost care-free. When I woke up from surgery and he came in to check on me- he pulled out his phone and said "Do you want to see it?! It was HUGE!"  hah Loved his levity in the situation - and it was big- Think golf ball size!

:in summary:
It was NOT nice knowing ya. I'm glad you're gone. 
I did not think I was nervous about the results from this- however, when the nurse called me a few days later and told me all came back good, no worries- it was amazing what a sense of relief I got. 
Thankful for my husband, family (especially my mom and val who went with me to a ton of different appointments throughout the last few years), great doctors, thoughtful caring nurses, and my health!

Friday, July 17, 2015

soccer camp.

Hadley got to go to her first soccer camp this year!
We went and picked out all her stuff
She was beyond excited. It was every morning, for an hour, for one week.
 My dad came every day, but one, to watch her. She loved it. So did I :)
She loved it.
On the way home, on the last day, she boo-hoo cried that it was over. I was able to cheer her up by telling her I had already signed her up for soccer this fall!
ya.. I want to be a 'soccer mom' just slightly ;)

Monday, July 13, 2015


"I love to see the temple. I'm going there some day"
love my family.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

9 months.

Is my baby seriously 9 months old?!
height:    28.8"    70%
weight:   20.6lbs   67%
head:   17.8   54%
He has really gotten on the move this month. 
As soon as he figured out how to 'properly' crawl there was no stopping him.
Our concrete steps make me SUPER nervous...but, he will learn I guess.
He was so excited the day he learned to pull up on things by himself. He was so proud of himself
Now that he is pulling up on things though, he gets super mad he can't walk. 
I love coming in to get him from a nap or in the morning and seeing this cute smiling face greet me. 
He is obsessed with his sister and everything she does is hilarious to him.
We keep thinking a tooth is coming...but so far, nothing.
He's just now starting to try more foods without my strict wait 4 days to watch for allergies- don't introduce too many things too quickly blah blah (due to my fears of him choking or having an allergic reaction! I know, I'm crazy..) He's a big food fan- but makes hilarious faces to new textures/tastes.

 I could not get him to sleep one day so I let him borrow hadley's bunny. He immediately snuggled in with it- so I ordered him his very own animal that day. 
Beckam's monkey. He was SO EXCITED. It was adorable.
(without name until Beckam can name him himself)
 I got my first cave kisses this month.
One more month until double digits- I can't believe it!