Wednesday, July 8, 2015

9 months.

Is my baby seriously 9 months old?!
height:    28.8"    70%
weight:   20.6lbs   67%
head:   17.8   54%
He has really gotten on the move this month. 
As soon as he figured out how to 'properly' crawl there was no stopping him.
Our concrete steps make me SUPER nervous...but, he will learn I guess.
He was so excited the day he learned to pull up on things by himself. He was so proud of himself
Now that he is pulling up on things though, he gets super mad he can't walk. 
I love coming in to get him from a nap or in the morning and seeing this cute smiling face greet me. 
He is obsessed with his sister and everything she does is hilarious to him.
We keep thinking a tooth is coming...but so far, nothing.
He's just now starting to try more foods without my strict wait 4 days to watch for allergies- don't introduce too many things too quickly blah blah (due to my fears of him choking or having an allergic reaction! I know, I'm crazy..) He's a big food fan- but makes hilarious faces to new textures/tastes.

 I could not get him to sleep one day so I let him borrow hadley's bunny. He immediately snuggled in with it- so I ordered him his very own animal that day. 
Beckam's monkey. He was SO EXCITED. It was adorable.
(without name until Beckam can name him himself)
 I got my first cave kisses this month.
One more month until double digits- I can't believe it!

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