Friday, July 24, 2015


I took Hadley to her first musical - Shrek.
It was at the Denton Campus Theatre.
We were invited by her 2nd cousin- who was in the play. She did a fantastic job!
Hads tried to have her picture taken with every. single. cast. member.. but I somehow distracted her after a few :)
('Princess Fiona' told her to make her ogre smile face hah)
I wasn't sure how Hads would do during the play...but she was OBSESSED. She didn't move the entire time unless it was to sit on her feet so she could see better. She would sit up and clap so loud after every song and at the end she immediately said- MOM! I want to go see another play. PLLLLEEEASSSE!
She doesn't have to ask me twice! I love musicals and love that I now have a forever date to them :)

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