Saturday, August 1, 2015

10 months.

10 months.
{about this picture- we were at Cabela's and beckam saw this elephant from a mile away. He started grinning ear to ear and trying to jump out of brock's arms to get to it. We tried to show him some of the other awesome animals around, but he just kept twisting his body in whatever way he could so he could see the elephant. It was the cutest. He's a big elephant fan apparently}
It is not possible that this handsome thing is really only 2 months shy from his 1st birthday. 
He has become more and more obsessed with his monkey. When we lay him down for his naps or bedtime- we will hand him the monkey and he will immediately grab and snuggle it. My favorite is nap or night time when I give him his monkey and binki, he will clunk his head right on to my chest and snuggle in. It's my favorite.
He cruises along furniture but refuses to stand on his own or walk holding on to anything. He stood up by himself one night (brock let go of him and he just didn't realize it) We tried to have him do it again...didn't work as well
 He is a water baby. He could spend hours in the water. 
 We've introduced a few more table foods- watermelon was a big hit from the beginning. Other foods though have taken a few shots- I think the textures throw him off. He is so dramatic. He will put something in his mouth and make crazy faces before he spits it out. It took probably 4 tries with cheese before he finally decided it was amazing!
 Rosa's was a first for Hadley for eating out- and same for Beckam- and when you grab dad's drink the second mom puts you in your chair and it spills all over you- you become "those people" with the naked baby at dinner :) 
 He's excellent at crawling- and just gets where he needs to go no matter the obstacle
He finally cut his first tooth! He did surprisingly well too. We knew it was close- and then one night he woke up at 1am crying- I was headed upstairs after about 5minutes, and right before I got to his room I heard Brock yelling "never mind!" Beckam had found his monkey and went right back to sleep. The next morning- we had a tooth! 
 He is still such a happy little
(we don't usually allow beckam's nakedness in public, but- we were in the car headed to get donuts at the drive thru down the street when a family member texted us and told us to meet them at krispy kreme! Of course- all of us in our jammies- and beckam naked- showed up and chowed down- how we kept ourselves from eating his cute rolls is beyond me :)
 who loves his puppy
 makes me just smitten with his chubby cheeks and cuteness. 
he is a PRO at making noise- and making his presence known if he thinks you might have forgotten about him
 he loves to find hadley's play food and use it as a binki
 and handles big sis like a champ
love you beckam bear. 

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