Tuesday, September 1, 2015

11 months.

Oh mr. beckam
He is getting too big, too fast. I can not believe in one short month, he will be a one-year-old! My heart hurts a bit hah
This month, we finally are getting some teeth! He now has 3. One on top, and two on bottom.
He is a busy - body. I usually just keep he and hadley in the play room when he is up because I can't continually chase him around as he gets into EVERYTHING.
He can climb up all our stairs...but hasn't figured out how to go down them yet. 
He LOVES food. I mean, LOVES. If someone is eating something and he is not- expect full on screaming until you share. He now eats lots of table food as long as it's small enough or mashed a bit.
He loves to babble- but especially to copy funny noises that his sister makes. Nothing makes him smile more than Hadley.
One of my favorite times with Beckam, is still, when I lay him down for bed {or a nap} and as soon as the light goes off and i hand him his binki and monkey he plops his head down on my chest and cuddles. I soak it in for sure. He also LOVES his monkey
His smile and laughter are contagious. We couldn't love him more.

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