Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Prague, Czech Republic- for my sister's wedding. 
Prague was never one of those places on "my list" of must see places- however, it changed my mind. It was gorgeous. The city is perfection and so clean. Everyone was so nice.
We dropped off our babies at Sunday dinner where they would be leaving with their aunts/grandparents for the next 10days. Britta watched my hadders and Danielle watched my beckam. I can not thank them enough for taking care of my babies while we were gone. Made for a relaxing trip knowing they were being well loved and taken care of. 

Then it was off to the airport for our flight to London and connection to Prague. I must say- I watched one movie, ate dinner, took my ambien and woke up in London. It was a dream flight. 
 Brock didn't have such luck so when we got to Prague he took a little nap and I took off to find my Mom. It was her first time overseas- love that I got to experience it with her.
The next day was a few tourist things, went to the wedding venue- dad and I rehearsed our songs for a bit- and then the Boat Cruise.
The boat cruise was basically a welcome reception on the river. It was beautiful. 
I opened up my clutch that night and found that hadley had packed me a few necessities. A magic wand and 'crystal' bracelet. Love her.
 Next day, we walked the city and hit up every major thing we could. First stop, Prague castle. 
This is where we purchased our selfie stick- you may laugh- but asking people to take your picture gets annoying- so we embraced what everyone else already had :)
We walked the almost 300 steps to the top of the castle- tiny, winding, staircase.
Must be good luck to touch the golden ____ right?!

Brock was having horrible back pain this day- but that didn't stop him from helping a man he saw struggling to get up a long, steep, incline in his wheelchair. Love my thoughtful man. 

John Lennon Wall.
Charles Bridge.
Gorgeous City.
The next day was wedding day. I woke up super early, packed up my stuff for the day, and walked to find some tea/breakfast. Then I  met up with my sis and mom at my sister's hotel. We then spent the morning getting ready.
 I had to leave early to go back and get my dad & brock and head towards the venue to set up- dad and I were the musical guests at the wedding hah

The ceremony was beautiful. My sister couldn't have been a prettier bride. It was perfectly- except for the best man forgetting the ring ;) Provided for a good comedic relief though. 
{I don't have any pics from the ceremony, because I was a part of it}
Here are some from the photographer!
we look really stretched with tiny heads in this picture hah!- but it shows the beautiful venue!
{then mine after}
After, it was off to La Terrassa for the reception. This is a gorgeous venue. It's a restaurant they rented out that takes up an entire small little island. 
Czech Tradition.
The food.
The cake.
The party.
It was a blast. 
Best wishes to Ash & Pavi. Love you both so much. 

The next morning we were off to Paris!

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