Thursday, October 1, 2015


Mr Beckam is one!

height:  30in  57%

weight:  21.5lbs  53%

head:  18in  40%

Beckam. Becakam bear. Beckam Ruel. Brother. Beck. Handsome. Smiley. Mr Beckam. -- of all the names we call you, the fact I call you 'mine' is the best. 
I can not say enough about this guy. He is so lovable, adorable, squishy, good tempered, sweet, and smart
He loves his pup and will chase him down. Knox is just as obsessed with him though, because he knows Beckam will drop food or share with him. 
he thinks his sister is the funniest thing- and she can always make him laugh. They are going to be the best of buddies- they already are. 
he loves to play catch which has led to throwing anything. we have to eat outside when there's a patio available or a pretty day at home...
and boy does he love to eat. if someone is eating, and he is not- FIT!
He's a curious little one- who, most of the time, will not hold still. 
The most adorable laugh
He has the most kissable cheeks
and is just the cutest
he loves his monkey
and sleeping in general. he is a GREAT napper and sleeper
he has to face forward in carts so he can see
how could you not be obsessed with this face?!
he is the biggest flirt too...he sees someone looking at him, he can flirt with the best of them.
he can say mama, dada, nighnigh, and maybe a few other things but we aren't sure enough to claim them- he can also clap & wave - all of these things are on his schedule though. He doesn't do them often or on cue. 
he got some trucks for his birthday- such a boy- he is beyond obsessed with them.
he will still cuddle his mama- and occasionally sleep on me.
he can cruise - but refuses to stand on his own (even though we have tricked him into doing it a few times) and after a little bit of holding your hand and walking will just sit down and take off crawling
One year well check:
he was so tough for his shots- but bawled before them. Guess he knew what was coming- melted this mama's heart. 
we love him so much and are so blessed with such a happy, smart, giggly, active, sweet, handsome little boy. 
happy first birthday mr. beckam. 

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