Tuesday, October 20, 2015

punta mita.

We got to go on our fun couples/families trip again this year to Punta Mita.
{last year, i had just had beckam and the year before I was in Chicago}
I love this group of friends so much.

We arrived 2 days early {flew on miles so had to take what was available} but we weren't complaining :)
Beckam LOVED the sand- and the water- until a wave would come and he would start bawling. The noise of the waves crashing terrified him.
The first morning there, we were up before I think everyone in Mexico...two excited littles.
Beckam ate more guacamole than I think everyone combined did- and if you tried to give him the kid stuff (no cilantro, onions, tomatoes) he would scream at you.
Then, once the day came that our friends were coming, they could not get there fast enough. We moved over to the house and hadley waiting ever so patiently for them.
then the food, friends, exploring, partying began. 
tide pools behind the house. 
Beckam and I caught the sunrise together almost every morning- he would point at it, then turn around and grin at me over and over
hadley was in heaven having so many girls to play with!
harley's sister came with - so once we put all the littlest ones to bed, we were able to go out-just us adults- a few nights. 
Brock got to try a little surfing
hads and I got taken out several times this trip by the waves
Between napping, eating, and being adorable- beckam would put in some sand playing time. he could sit forever and play in the sand
we discovered his love of being tossed in the air- of course not too high or this mama would have a panic attack.
lots of sand castles and mermaid tails were created
amazing food & drinks- non. stop.
more tide pool fun
I had to teach hadley to not be such a scaredy-cat and got her to hold a crab, starfish, etc
family dinner out in town!
golf cart late night rides to the gas station outside of the community to get ice-cream was a daily thing
 late night glow stick dance party!
 golf carts were our main mode of transportation the entire trip- it was fantastic. 
 love this gang of mine. 
 we went over to the st. regis one of the days for the animal show. 
that's a GIANT cockroach...
 such a boy, beckam thought everything was amazing.
 at one point I was holding the alligator trying to get hadley to be 'brave' and hold it- when Beckam claimed over brock and crawled to me where he proceeded to grab the gator's tail and just examine it
 then of course she had to hold him ;)
albino python
she wanted to hold the snake- but he was way too heavy- and insisted on daddy to do it with her hahaha he was thrilled. 
 staying hydrated.
 hads was trying so hard to cheer him up this day- he had missed all naps and was just done.
had an adult dinner at a gastro-food place. it was interesting!
 the gang- minus beckam
souvenir shopping!
The last night, we had a Fiesta at the house- piƱatas and amazing food 
 love these two ladies
 and the next day, we were headed home.
Until next time Punta Mita!

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