Thursday, December 31, 2015


 NYE was low key, but fun- this year. 
We started with dinner out- then everyone came over to our house and we had quite the poker tournament... until 4am.
 This left for one exhausted mama the next day- when my littles didn't understand they needed to sleep in hah
let's make this one even better than the last.

Friday, December 25, 2015


Visiting Santa!
 Sophie the elf
a few of her shenanigans this year
night before she left
Christmas with Nana
 Christmas with Papa
{Nancy was out of town}
 Christmas Eve
making cookies for Santa
family fun at Aunt Betty's
Then home to put out cookies for Santa and open up their Christmas jammies!
he was told the cookies were not for him
then hadley had a meltdown once she realized Sophie was going to be gone the next morning back to the North Pole. Took forever to calm her down. 
Christmas Morning!
I think everyone's list got checked off :)
Christmas Sunday
My heart is full.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2015


We attended Brock's buddy's 40th birthday up at Sundance- we made a last minute decision to bring the kiddos along with us- glad we did 

{though, with any trip with kids, there's moments you wish you didn't! hah}
Temple square during the holidays:
 we had to stop off and get a few last minute cold weather clothing items before heading up the mountain- we entertained ourself for quite some time in this store because Brock got stuck on a work call and was wandering around..
 Utah got dumped on a few days prior to us being there- so, it was beautiful
 Hadley could not believe we were "on elsa's mountain!!" 
"We are going into the mountains?! The snowy mountains?! Where ELSA LIVES?!"
 our cabin
 hadley's cute friends
 the reality of traveling with kids... mom was driving around an exhausted beckam while daddy enjoyed brunch with everyone :/
 Fun filled snow day! Hadley SPRINTED out the door.
 Beckam LOVED it
Hadley would NOT STOP eating the snow. She was constantly licking her gloves, or picking up snow to eat
 Then, the adult dinner for Eric's birthday. Hailey did an amazing job- as always. 
{the cake}
 the next morning, we were supposed to leave super early. When we woke up to it snowing- we decided to push our flight back and stay until later that day so we could enjoy it just a little bit longer.

and a quick stop to the temple on our way to the airport! Hadley's first time (that she can remember) seeing the SLC temple. She loved it.
 I think I've found our new go-to place for Christmas time. See you next year {hopefully} Sundance!