Saturday, January 30, 2016

rowen slumber party

hadley and rowen got to have a fun girlie slumber party weekend when brent & britta went out of town. I think they didnt stop laughing, changing clothes, or talking for several days straight. Cousins are definitely built in friends!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

disney world.

We surprised hadley with a trip to disney world this year for her birthday. The extra fun part was that my mom and sister came with us!
mom, beckam, hads and I flew down to meet Brock in Orlando (he was already down there for work) then ash landed later in the day. 
{the kids were awesome during the flight- I just told them to all jump on nana as we were landing ;) }
The first day was spent going to the expos for our race and hadley's- then good food, exploring downtown disney, etc
The next day was hadley's race! 
and then:
Magic Kingdom.
I hope I never forget how much joy I saw on hadley & beckam's face this day. 
Beckam could not stop pointing at EVERYTHING. It was hilarious.
every cool light, every character, any and everything that could catch your eye- he let you know about it! Couldn't let us miss anything!
hadley was in heaven- she wanted to meet everyone, ride everything, eat everything- and was just giddy the entire time.
Her highlight- meeting Anna & Elsa of course!
and she of course told Ariel all about our halloween costumes
She wanted to ride a roller coaster and chose to sit with Aunt ashley instead of me :) I would too, Aunt Ashy is pretty cool
and did it a few more times
Beckam was amazing. He took one short nap in his stroller and the rest of the day (UNTIL 145AM when we finally got back to our room) spent it as happy as can be. He was mesmerized by all the parades and characters
We watched all parades
Hads got several 'personal' waves- that made her day.
and the nighttime show on Cinderella's castle...I may have teared up a bit. 
Disney really is magical- they know how to do it.
The next day was the marathon. 
It was so fun having hadley and beckam at the finish line. She was more excited than I was about it- it was so cute- especially for her to see her Nana be awesome and complete her first marathon.
During the run- Brock took both kids out for a big waffle breakfast and hung around Epcot where the finish line was.
After the run- Mom, Ash, Beckam and I went back to the hotel. I took a shower while beckam napped for a bit- so that brock could have some fun with just Hadley at Epcot. Here are the pics he took:
Once Beck woke up- we met up with Hadley and Brock and spent the rest of the day together exploring- Nana and Ashley explored their eyelids back at the hotel ;) Then we all met up for a good steak dinner.
{ignore how I look- after my shower after the race- I had no desire to fix my hair}
hard to see- but beck kept pointing at it and making us look like we didn't notice it all lit up 
love this family of mine.
The next morning Mom, the kids, and I sadly went back home- Brock stayed behind to work in orlando for a few days. Hadley had one last mickey mouse waffle before we left- and of course sported her medal around all day- as did nana ;)
It was a beautiful plane ride home. Everyone slept- and I got to read. For the most part- i have some awesome little travelers. 
I love that we were able to have this opportunity and especially that my mom and sister came. Hearing hadley talk about them and how much she loved having them there- and all the fun she had, really makes my heart happy. Love my family more than they know!
Can't wait to go back!