Friday, January 1, 2016

15 months.

15 months!
height:   31.3in   52%
weight:   23.3   58%
head:   18.3   36%
He loves all things sports related- it's really cute
He's a walking fool! He has finally grasped walking and is great at it. Now, he thinks he's invincible though, which has resulted in many bonks to the head. He's not much of a talker- mainly because his sister likes to talk for him. He does the waves, clapping, high fives, plenty of kisses- and is solid on his 'mama' and 'dada'.
He loves his blanket and monkey- and now another monkey (given to him by aunt ashy) and a zebra (that sister gave him when he was born)
He thinks hadley is the funniest thing- and they crack each other up. they are also the sweetest together and I frequently find them snuggling together- or just being adorable
Eating- always a favorite.
He has NO PATIENCE when it comes to waiting on food- if he sees it, he must have it- and if it's a bread related product- FORGET him eating anything else you have ready for him.
Putting things in and out of bags- which hads thinks is great because she can trick him into helping her clean up. He has also mastered the pointer finger- everything gets a point! 
Big fan of music- his piano, drums, the radio
He will still snuggle me- and the occasional nap has happened on me- esepcially when traveling. It's amazing. 
He's OBSESSED with books. He will get a stack of them, drag them to wherever you are- crawl up into your lap and proceed to hand them to you to read. 
Happy 15months, handsome!

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