Monday, January 4, 2016

4 years.

Hadley is 4!
Where has the time gone? 
This little girl is spunky, smart, inquisitive, feisty, beautiful, sweet, pretty good/consistent with her manners, kind, loving, creative, and funny. {but, a bit hard headed} She's always trying to talk her way out of doing something by saying, "umm, that's a bad idea. I have a BETTER idea..." and proceeds to tell us her plan or thought. She loves her brother, Knox, daddy, costumes, frozen, the color red, dressing herself, coloring, saying prayers, and rainbows. She's always wondering if something is "healthy" - and then tells me how something is not healthy but she wants it anyway. Her desire to learn, I love- and her ability to make us laugh and smile is top notch. 
She told me on her birthday morning that "Birthday girls have to have balloons- and a BIG red one" So- we got right on over to Party City and got the biggest red balloon we could find.
She gets more and more beautiful- on the inside and out.
Love you. Love you more. Love you mostest. 

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