Saturday, January 9, 2016

hadley's first race.

Our hadley did her first race!
She ran in the Walt Disney World Kids 200m Dash!
It was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Hadley of course wanted to dress up in costume- and it may not have been Disney, but I thought it was fitting- Supergirl!
I thought she would want me right beside her like most of the other kids did- not Hadders! She got right up to the line and told me to go stand on the side and run and she would meet me at the end! 
Mickey said- "On your Mark! Get Set! GOOOO!" and she was off!
Her face when she finished - and got her banana, protein bar, water, and medal was THE BEST. She immediately said- "Can I please do another one!??!"
of course. and one day, I hope it's you dragging my butt across a marathon finish line ;)
 (when we spotted her cheer squad- ash, mom, daddy, & beckam after the race- love our photobomber lol)

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