Sunday, January 10, 2016

wdw marathon.

My mom, sister, and I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon the day registration opened- it sells out so quickly! We were excited to all finally be healthy and do it together! That was back last summer... Since then, between us all, we have had several injuries, a few unexpected surgeries, too much travel & food {I blame ashley's european wedding ;) }- and way too much lazy- so,  we went into it thinking, oh well, we will get a tshirt- then, my sis and I decided NOPE we are getting mom across the finish line of her first marathon no matter what. Much to our toenails disapproval- and mom's determination-we did.
horrible pic of us all, but it's the only one we got.
at the starting line!
Hadley even gave nana an encouraging facetime call a little over the halfway point- I think that's when it clicked for my mom that she had to finish. She said, "I can't let Hadley think that I didn't finish the race! She thinks it's the length of her race from yesterday!" hah 
I do have pictures of mom from the race, but she has requested they not be posted ;) So, enjoy Ash and I's stupidity :)
Ash and I had too much fun during this run
The costumes, the characters, the music- Pure silliness and goofing around- it was a blast! 
I highly recommend you do a marathon this way :)
My mom is in her 60's and has finished her first marathon you guys!
She's amazing. I love that we have this to do together.
 post race dance party
This is what I love about running- the festivities, the groups of people- everyone going together and having fun! Love crossing the finish line hand in hand with people I love- especially my mom and sister. 
even if ash and i were pack-mules carrying all of mom's stuff by the end ;)

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