Sunday, March 27, 2016


Happy Easter!
Grateful for this family of mine
Here's some of our easter festivities!
Hadley's school egg hunt
 family egg hunt and cook out at ann & vaughn's soon-to-be-new house
*some of the pics are photo cred sarah & britta*
and easter morning!

happy easter!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


 My girl trying to hide her smile after the game today- it didn't last long! I stopped taking pics so I could scoop her up, because...

and on top of that- scored two more! 
Hat trick for my Hadley!
(she claims a 4th goal, that was a group effort between she and a friend- we'll give it to her :) ) 
loved her game today. It was a turning point I think for Hads. She finally gets it- you can take it away from people and then go score- you don't have to wait for it!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

dino world.

My mom text me and said there was a dinosaur exhibit in dallas at market hall that she had to take the kiddos to- it was the last weekend it was going on, so we hopped in the car, picked up nana and went to see the dinosaurs!
Hadley got to ride them
 Beckam was mad he couldn't touch all of them

Love fun outings like this with nana! Reminds me of my childhood and how she was always finding something going on and taking us to- just because! 
Love fun outings like this with nana! Reminds me of my childhood and how she was always finding something going on and taking us to- just because!

Thanks Nana for a fun day!

grasslands trail run.

Brock was feeling a little sad about moving away from all of our great trails- so in a last minute decision, two weeks before, we signed up for the grasslands trail half marathon. 
We forgot to consider we would be moving out of our house that week and only have been in the rental for 2 days- talk about exhausted (we are the kind of people who are completely unpacked, organized, and decorated within 48hrs)- but--it was awesome. So glad we did it. 
I've said it before- trail runners are my kind of people. Love their race day and running mentality.
We will definitely be back next year!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3902 water front ct.

Today we said goodbye to our home on 3902 water front ct.
For those who are wondering why we built a home, lived in it for only 2 years, and then sold it- that's a very good question. My only response is- we must love to torture ourselves by moving. hah No, we are wanting to now build out on some acreage-- which was our origial plan before we even built this house. Then everything just worked out so perfectly with timing, buyer, rental, the market, etc that we knew it was the right thing to do.
I've cried, smiled and reminisced about the last several years designing, building, and living in this home. We loved it. Here's to doing it again! I do secretly love designing and building... Miss hadley said it best, "Mom! I love this house, and I'm going to miss it, but, we are going to love the next house even more!" Kids are so smart. Practice makes perfect! On to the next adventure!