Friday, April 1, 2016

18 months.

1.5 yrs old.


height:   31.5"   21%
weight:  24lbs   51%
head: 18.5"   39%
where has the time gone!?
Beckam Bear is becoming a full-throttle little boy and not a baby anymore!
lucky for me- on the rare occasion, he will fall asleep on me. Or, stay asleep on me during a transfer :)
 the last few months of church have been BRUTAL! He could not be contained. So, we would typically resort to the gym where he was freeeeee
 if you are sitting near him- he will typically bring a book and crawl into your lap-always the same way too. There's not any other way you can read a book to him. 
 and if you are in a position where he can not get into his 'book reading position' he will find a way to sit on you in the most uncomfortable way until you re-adjust.
 he is OBSESSED with blocks- or building/stacking anything
 and food. I've never seen anything like it. if food is around him- it is his. no questions asked. 
case in point- i gave him 1 granola bar instead of his and mine....
still loves his monkey- and I don't ever want to forget how this guy sleeps- whenever he is tired he starts to put his shirt in his mouth- then he will fall asleep (hence the big wet spot on his shirt) he's done this for as long as we can remember. I was never able to put him to sleep wearing onesies because he would just scream and tug on it because he couldn't get it in his mouth. shirt+binki is the only way he rolls. and yes, both at the same time. 
which sometimes can result in interesting shirt twists by the morning.
 he now sits at the table (with a booster) like a big boy! he's a fan.
 and adores his sister- despite her using him as her personal dress-up doll
 loves the dirt, bugs, climbing, hiding, and overall being mischievous..yet adorable.
 Love this cute boy of ours. 
Happy 1.5yrs b bear!

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