Saturday, April 23, 2016


Brock and I wanted to get away for our anniversary this year (march 4- 5 years), just for the weekend; however, because of the house sell/move it just wasn't logical for us to leave then. So, we pushed the trip back a bit and headed out this past week!
It was a quick trip- but much needed.
as food would keep coming to our little cozy beach spot- the look on brock's face was priceless. "you've ordered more?! what's wrong with you?! we just ate!" -- clearly he was not aware of what you're supposed to do on vacation!
when brock would step away from the table (to get more food) this little bird would swoop in and take himself some treats :)
The arch! We were going to stay a bit at "lover's beach" but... there weren't many umbrellas, it was small, and our waiter wasn't there to bring me food and drinks hah so we opted to head back to our hotel and hunker down in our go-to spot!
where the pacific and sea of cortez come together- really cool little area
I love where i can pick what i want and they make it right there in front of me
safe to say i was not feeling great after dinner this night- I can't eat heavy milk-product things i.e. cheesecakes, tarts, etc but they are my table full of every different possibly variety...i couldn't resist.
love being able to go running together- and exploring new places on a run is even better!
shells for my hadley & beckam
Love you babe- happy {late} anniversary to us!
see ya next time mexico!

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