Monday, June 20, 2016

cali girlie trip.

Hads and I met my mom out in SF to visit aunt ashley!
Hadley has been looking forward to this "girlie trip" for awhile now- she was beyond excited when the day finally came
 I never want to forget this moment on the plane- I laughed the ugly laugh that involves tears and trying desperately to be quiet and not disturb those around you.
I had filled up hadley's water cup with water before taken off- one of those with a spout that pops up- about an hour into the flight she reaches for it and pops it open- next thing I know there is a geyser going on beside me- water was shooting out of her water cup EVERYWHERE! Once I was able to get it closed i was laughing so hard only to look over and see hadley in shock. she had no idea what had happened and was soaking wet. Once I explained to her the concept of pressure and how the plane was pressurized etc she finally saw the same humor in the whole thing that I did- safe to say though, that every time from then on and on the way home that she wanted water, she made me open it
 hadley and nana are apparently on the same wavelength when it comes to sleeping- so they were both up at the crack of dawn and decided to walk down to the donut shop and bring us all back breakfast.
 Bisou and hads started just where they left off last time- best buds. 
 I was incredibly impressed with this gals ability to walk all over SF!
 Pedal boats!
 baby ducks
 Smores and hotdogs!
 Hadley found this while walking through golden gate park- it made all of us smile :)
 Loves herself some Uncle Pavi
ghiradelli square
 bread. lots of bread. especially when it's in cool animal shapes, like a turtle!
 when to see the sea lions- golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, you name it. Stuff we've all done before, but never gets old
 ash and pavi had set up an art studio in the garage for mom where she was working on paintings for their house- hadley of course had to get in on the action.
late night ice-cream runs!
then a sad, crack of dawn plane ride home.
we miss you guys already ... now come visit us!
hadley says it best,
"I love aunt ashley, I love her too too much!"

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