Sunday, June 26, 2016

housewife and her gardener.

Brock and I can't wait to build our house {that part is actually, I can't wait}, and have lots of land to build a garden {that's where brock comes in and gets excited about building again. only for the land/garden}
So, as a test run, to see if we were actually any good at this gardening thing, we built a 55' raised bed at our rental house and planted ourselves a garden. 
It has been so fun not only for us, but for the kids! They have just loved watching it grow. 

I have more herbs in my garden and my freezer than I know what to do with. 
I think their favorite thing is sampling the carrots straight out of the garden- dirt and all. 
I've been trying many new recipes to try and use as many of the fresh herbs as I can!
The littles run out the back door first thing in the morning to see what they can pick. 
The watermelons/cantaloupe/honeydew melons are planted along the side of the house and are almost ready. 
they also like to "work" in the garden.
{obviously ignore the pineapple.}
we are a semi-plant-based home as far as what we eat- so I LOVE being able to just go outside and see what I have in order to make dinner!
we accidentally planted a TON of pickling cucumber plants... so, I've become pretty good at making pickles ;)
love that the garden is just getting started! lots more hopefully in our future and I hope hads and beck continue to love it as much as we do!

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