Sunday, June 19, 2016

marina bay half marathon.

While I was in Cali visiting my sis, I decided to do a half marathon. Summer time in Texas is just always to hot to do one, so I like to do one when I head out west. 
I had originally wanted to really race this run, which I don't normally do, but being a little under the weather the week before, and then forgetting my watch back in Texas had me on the fritz the night before- I almost backed out. The idea of waking up that early just to do another run didn't sound like fun. 

I'm so glad I didn't bail! I decided to just stick with a pacer to have a consistent, even splits run..but towards the end, I felt great and was able to kick it up the last 3 miles to get myself a new PR :)
 The best part was, rounding the corner for the finish and seeing my hadley who hopped right in the race and finished with me! This video my sister made of it, cracks me up. 

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