Monday, October 31, 2016

all things halloween.

Halloween Festivities! 
Great Gatsby/1920's theme this year
 Hads found my sister and my old costume that Nana made for us back in the day- and that along with it being her favorite color, red- she changed her theme of superheros to 1920's! 
We had lots of fun activities this year- first, we had the church trunk-or-treat:
 and school fall festival!
 Then, it was finally HALLOWEEN!
Nana joined us again this year :)
 and when the trick-or-treating had ended we went over to Michelle's house and the kiddos and dad's put on an amazing haunted house for the neighborhood! They had a blast- it was so cute and fun to watch. 
Happy Halloween!
Can't wait to see what the kiddos come up with next year for us :)

Friday, October 28, 2016

pumpkin patch.

This year we branched out and went to a different pumpkin patch!
Thanks to my sis-in-law, she found it! Then when I said last minute we were heading out to it- she and her family met up with us! It's definitely a new favorite in our book- pumpkin patch, animals, corn maze, and not nearly as crowded.  
 Love these lil punkins of mine!

Monday, October 10, 2016

6 flags.

We got season passes to 6 flags and took the kids for the first time!
 This place brought back so many memories. I could've LIVED at 6 flags for a few years. It was my favorite.  I promise beckam was having a blast, despite this face. I think he was just mesmerized about being on an actual train at the moment. 
Hadley clearly takes after Brock and my love of roller coasters- because that child has no fear. She will ride anything!
Beckam cheated with his hair a little bit and was able to ride something outside of the kiddie section. He loved it. 
 It was one of those days...
 ...that you didn't want to end. Until next time 6 flags!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

st george marathon.

You guys!! I have dreamed of qualifying for the Boston Marathon for a long time, but had serious doubts that I actually ever would or could. The training, the time, etc - it just seemed daunting. I have never followed a training program before- or ever truly tried for a specific time in a race. I've wanted to do well, of course, but stalking your watch trying for a time is a different story. When a girlfriend of mine and I decided to sign up for St. George, I told myself I was going to follow a training plan! I wanted to shoot for a good time, not just to finish the marathon as I have before. 
3 hours 32 minutes and 17 seconds 
*insert tears here*
I have qualified for the 2018 Boston Marathon. 
I still can not believe it happened. 
This course was way more difficult than I thought it was going to be after looking at the map- even though I had many people who have run it several times try and warn me. It's a net downhill but you get some wicked hills throughout that shoot your quads. You work every muscle in your legs with this course's elevation. uuupppp...doooowwwn....uuuuppp....dooowwwn.
night before!
at the buses by 5am to ride to the start! 

start line!
about mile 14 I think
When I crossed the finish line and realized what the time on my watch said I instantly threw my hands up over my face and cried.
This girly weekend came at just the right time and was exactly what I needed on so many levels. I love my friend, Mel, and after this weekend I love her even more.
Post race involved sitting here for a couple hours while downing just about every junk food/drink we could possibly think of
 Thank you St George for a race I won't every forget and will always have a special place in my heart- my first BQ.