Wednesday, December 20, 2017

bridge company christmas party.

Got to have a date night with my forever date - to his company Christmas party

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

3 months.

Oh my goodness this little girl-
She's a dream.
I thought my other two were easy babies... then we had Rem. She rarely fusses, she sleeps through the night (with a binki put back in place maybe once) If it is her nap time, all you do is wrap her up in a blanket and put her down anywhere and she will put herself right to sleep. She takes 3 naps per day and has her last bottle at 9:30 and wakes up in the morning at 7am. She does try to sneak little catnaps in during the 7-930 part of the night when she's supposed to be awake. I secretly love this time with her because it's the only time of the day that it is just her- not the other two needing my attention. I soak up the time with her. 
I'm telling you- dream baby. 
She very rarely has a bad night- but when she does, a few cuddles and she's instantly better.
She kept escaping her sleep sack at night and her arms would get cold and she just wasn't sleeping quite as soundly--
But brock found this new sleep sack and our little starfish LOVES IT
Plus- these big grin smiles we are getting these days!? We can't get enough.
She lights up when she sees her siblings- she's obsessed with Knox 
even when they treat her like their own life-size doll
She took her first flight- and was perfection the entire time. 
Her hair is still fantastic- a little bald spot is starting to appear in the back- but not too bad. When it's wet- it's curly!
She's a strong little bitty and can hold her head up, do tummy time like a champ, flip from her tummy to her back, and tries to sit up when she's in her 'pink seat'. She's also started to talking!
Love her- and her baby stretches. 
 Time is going by too quickly- please slow down!!!

Monday, December 18, 2017

hadley's christmas dance demo.

Love watching this tiny dancer. She missed a ton of dance this semester because of her knee thing- but you couldn't even tell while watching her dance during her Christmas demo! 
Love her. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

dirty little secrets christmas.

My cute cousin-in-law threw a "dirty little secrets" Christmas party - you were supposed to come with something that is a secret you have- whether it be a tip, a product, whatever and share that secret with the group. And get your mind out of the gutter- it didn't have to literally be a "dirty" secret! It was a fun night with some of my favorite people.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


We flew down to Texas for Thanksgiving. 
This was Rem's first flight- and she was a dream, as usual
We jammed a ton of stuff into our short trip. Lots of cousin time, Rem's blessing, Thanksgiving, Turkey Trot, bread making, you name it:
Rem's Blessing (more details here):
Pizza party after her blessing:

The Turkey Trot: This was hadley's 2nd year doing it. I was originally going to run the 5k with Brock after Beck & Brock and Hads & my dad did the kid's race...well, beck and I came down sick and Brock had to stay home to do bread for thanksgiving so things got shifted around. Dad and I lost hadley within the first 2 seconds .... I ended up finding her right near the finish line. She saw me and immediately broke down (but kept running as I jogged beside her holding beckam)- she said "I couldn't find papa!!! but I just kept running!" I said "that's exactly what you should've done! You're doing awesome!! finish strong and I'll see you at the end!" So she rounded the corner, I found Dad and we cheered her to the finish. She was SO proud of herself for running alone and immediately said how she wanted to start running longer races :) 

Turkey hangovers
Lots of Brock's bread

a visit to Care Now for Becks and Me before heading home (and a good ol' shot in my rear!)
 Be back soon Texas- and hopefully next time we can finally all be healthy during the trip!