Monday, February 27, 2017

here's to a new adventure.

So, it's official. We have moved to Utah. 
We didn't think we would be moving until the summer, but everything just started falling into place for us to move sooner. So, here we are!
The move was hard on all of us- leaving so much family behind - but- the week leading up to us moving, we soaked up as much of them as we could!
Time with geemaw & pops
 time with Nana
 time with papa & nancy
 and lots and lots of cousin time and love- here is from the day we left:
 and we were off- with a honking procession behind us. Love our family.
pretty views along the way
 and we made it! To a driveway full of snow...that I shoveled off a path for the movers to use - until my sweet friend brought her snowblower up to finish up the rest! 
here's to our new adventure!!
with lots of Texas trips involved ;)

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