Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Within the first few weeks of us moving to Utah, it was my birthday. I'm a big birthday person- I don't care who you are, we celebrate! But, when it came to this year, I really wasn't expecting much. We don't have sitters lined up yet and my normal family birthday gatherings couldn't happen...but, I was surprised.
These ladies have no idea how much today, and they mean to me. These are dear friends of mine from when brock and I first got married- then we all moved away- and now we all I've in the same area gain! The kind of friendship that picks up like it never left off. They surprised me with a day full of fun, food, and laughs for my birthday. When moving to a new state away from a lot of our family and friends, these ladies helped fill a hole today and I love them for that. 
I had to make my own birthday cake... which was fine, but just not the same lol
and I received several sweet packages from family and friends in the mail.
This one was from my sweet sis-in-law Britta. 
and maybe a few gifts for myself ;) 
Thank you to everyone who made me feel loved and special on my birthday!!

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