Wednesday, April 26, 2017

baby #3!

Well.... secret is out! Baby #3 is due Sept 20! 
19 weeks today. 

We are having a sweet baby girl and could not be more excited. I think Hadley was going to jump out of her little body she was so pumped when we told her. 
As far as pregnancies go, I really can't complain thus far (but I will if you ask me to ;) )
Just the normal aches, pains, sickness etc

(more info and stuff on my pregnancy on my Juniper Lemons account)

19 weeks ultrasound

current cravings:

first trimester: bread. Bread & butter with honey. Ramen. Honey nut cheerios. Anything that was super bland. 
Now: fast food and citrus. Mainly citrus...and all fruits. Anything to shock my taste buds. 

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